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Bomb sites: 2

An open playground for small wars of position and attrition divide two sites on Ascent. Each site can be fortified by irreversible bomb doors; once they're down, you'll have to destroy them or find another way. Yield as little territory as possible.

Ascent is a map set in Italy that features a large, open middle area that both teams can skirmish over. Mid is a playground for diverse ability use and successfully controlling the area opens additional routes for Attackers to both Spike sites.

The map's 'unique' feature is mechanical doors leading into sites. Each site has one door (A Link for A and Market for B) that is opened at the start of each round. Players can use a switch on the site side of the door (Next to the door on A and on a table in Toolshed on B) to close or open the door. These doors are impenetrable while closed, but players can damage the doors to eventually destroy them, leaving the doorway permanently open.

A Garden
A Link
A Lobby
A Main
A Rafters
A Site
A Window
B Back
B Lobby
B Main
B Site
Mid Bottom
Mid Catwalk
Mid Courtyard
Mid Cubby
Mid Link
Mid Market
Mid Pizza
Mid Top