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Bomb sites: 2

If you want to go far, you'll have to go up. A pair of sites split by an elevated center allows for rapid movement using two rope ascenders. Each site is built with a looming tower vital for control. Remember to watch above before it all blows sky-high.

Split was the first map to use ascenders. There are three sets on the map:

  • Two that allow players to get up from Sewer to A Lobby
  • One that allows players to get up from B Hell to B Tower
  • Four that allow players to navigate through Vents

  • Callouts
    A Back
    A Lobby
    A Main
    A Rafters
    A Ramps
    A Screens
    A Sewers
    A Site
    A Tower/Heaven
    B Alley
    B Back
    B Link
    B Lobby
    B Main
    B Rafters
    B Site
    B Stairs
    B Tower/Heaven
    Mid Bottom
    Mid Mail
    Mid Top
    Mid Vents